5 New Cycling Safety Products for 2017

It’s that time again when we check in to see the innovations released for the cycling community over the past year. We have some exciting “firsts” that can help increase the visibility of cyclists and enable motorists to better predict our next moves. Further, new tire technology can help you ride smooth and keep riding even when you run over nails or glass!

Check out these five products then check out your local bike shop to purchase. Supporting local bike shops help keep the cycling community growing and our wheels turning.

Laserlight by BlazeLaserlight by Blaze

Have you heard of the Laserlight yet? For starters, it has a 300 lumen LED light to help you see and be seen when you are riding at night. However, it goes beyond other bike lights with its forward projection laser technology. It projects a bike symbol onto the road six meters in front of you which is visible from various perspectives. As a result, drivers can see the projection before they see you, giving them more time to react.

Lumos helmetLumos Helmet

Speaking of being seen, the Lumos is the first helmet to have integrated lights, turn signals, and automatic warning lights that activate when you slow down. Through wireless remotes, which can be placed on the handlebars, you can activate the left or right turn signal. Then, as you brake, the red triangle in the center will light up. This helmet allows you to give motorists the signals they are used to responding to from other cars.

Zackees turn signal glovesZackees Turn Signal Gloves

Another invention that helps let drivers know what you plan to do are the turn signal gloves by Zackees. These are activated by pressing your index finger and thumb together. Then your hand signals will be reinforced by the lights and will be easier to see at night.

Sena helmetSena Helmet

Next up, Sena released the first cycling helmet with Bluetooth integration. As a result, you can communicate with up to three other riders over a distance up to a half-mile, listen to music, make or answer phone calls, hear updates from fitness apps, and navigate using GPS. An upgraded model, the X1 Pro, was also released which includes a QHD camera so you can take photos and record videos during rides. Recording capabilities can come in handy for reliving your favorite rides and also capturing footage in the case that an accident occurs. Additionally, being able to communicate with fellow riders can also help to improve riding safety.

Tannus tiresTannus Tires

Lastly, how about a tire that never goes flat? That’s what Tannus is bringing to the road with their new solid inner tube. The company claims the tires can endure running over thorns, sharp metal objects, glass, and nails without any problem. They have patented their technology which is extremely resistant to wear and tear, while simultaneously creating a smooth ride and unprecedented level of safety. Never get stuck with a flat again.

Stay Safe Out There

As cyclists, we need to be very aware of the dangers out on the road. We are in the midst of heavy vehicles traveling at high speeds, and the tiniest of errors can result in grave consequences. By embracing the latest technology, like the above products, we can help to protect ourselves and those around us.

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